Nickster_45 // 11 Sep 2014

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Reply Rian', 11 Sep 2014

One day late update!

I am going to go on a little hiatus, in order to buffer some more pages before updating again, going back to school in a few days I hope I'll still manage to keep up with the updates afterwards if not, I may go back to one page every two weeks or something like that. We'll see.

Thank you so much for sticking by and hello to all new fans I hope you've been enjoying reading Nickster so far and that you'll like what's coming! Cheers!

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Reply Oly-RRR, 11 Sep 2014

Best of luck with building up a buffer! Come back soon! :]

And man I'm glad this scene seems to be over. Your style gets better and better but I miss seeing something besides faces and juice bar seats.

Reply Rian', 11 Sep 2014

@Oly-RRR: Thanks :>

I'm not sure how to say this so I'll just be straight forward.
I'd like to think you're not ill-intended but your comments do come accross as a little rude. Some of the things you say are quite uneccessary.

I welcome constructive criticism, there's no point putting out something you created if you can't take critics. A friend of mine always point out when I mispelled things, when I forgot to draw a props, when I broke some fundamental comic rules which allow things to read clearly, SUGGESTS how I COULD do things which might make the comic better, etc. although I get a little annoyed I really appreciate it, as I still have a lot to learn.

But a lot of what you say, aren't helpful in any ways, they are mostly about your own preferences, and we are not here to make things according to what you like (plural as I spoke to some other people you made such comments to and who feel the same). No one is forcing you to read anything, so you are not doing any good by telling them or insinuating that they are doing a bad job just because it isn't how YOU would make things.

Then maybe it is just a problem of how you say those things, but this is really how it comes accross and it does get a little annoying.

Reply Oly-RRR, 11 Sep 2014

@Rian': Understood. Thank you for pointing this out - I won't say anything to you again (same goes for those other people if they would bother to reply and say they are uncomfortable in any way). I never said you were doing a BAD job but I think artists can have a conversation about different preferences and readers can express their thoughts on what they read and impressions they get from it. But if it causes any annoyance I won't comment again. Good luck with your comic, I hope it turns out exactly as you want it to be! :]

Reply Rian', 11 Sep 2014

I agree, we can discuss different opinions. I just think there are better ways to put things than how you did so far whenever you didn't like something.

I was by no mean telling you to stop commenting and I am sorry if I hurt your feeling, but if you think that is the best way to deal with the issue then so be it.

I thank you for your interest so far, I will continue to work hard and hope you'll keep on making comics that makes you proud and happy.

No harsch feelings I hope :)

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