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Nickster is a comic about an unxpected encounter between a girl and a demon kid. This comic is ongoing and updates are currently scheduled on wednesday/thursday. Excuse the clumsyness of the early pages, the first page dates from 2010.

Hi there, I'm rising from the dead


We're now three months short from 12 months hiatus. I don't know how many of you will take the time to read this but I thought I owe an explanation to those of you who haven't completely forgotten about this webcomic.

Actually there isn't much to explain, I planned on resuming Nickster back in June 2015 but instead a job opportunity presented itself and because I have school fees to pay for I chose to seize it rather than spend my summer working on Nickster even though it was something I had been looking forward to very much. Then I went back to school and have been kept busy with my graduation film and part time jobs (and I have to confess, I've been taking A LOT more time off to take care of myself after going through a tough breakup a year ago - I hadn't read so many books nor spent so much time with friends since high school).
Despite all that, I've never given up on the idea of continuing that story, I certainly haven't been the most productive artist but I pride myself in being quite resilient and definitely persistant.

Having started Nickster six years ago, I have learned many things since then, I am also a better storyteller and a better artist. I can't pick up the story where I left it if I want to take it where I intend to. Or maybe I could but it would be messy and terrible and likely very disapointing both for me and the readers. So I'm doing a reboot. I thought long and hard about it. In six years time I haven't managed to put Nickster to rest, in a year long hiatus it just kept surfacing on my mind. It's clearly not going away. So I am doing a reboot. A fresh start. I'll be better prepared, I'll plan better, work harder, be more focused.

Although my graduation film (also a long though project) is going to be top priority until its completion, I have already started to write (or rather re-write) Nickster's storyline. I will be putting up a pitch document for Hiveworks during their next submission call. Although I plan on rebooting whether or not Hiveworks accept my application, it would make life a lot easier if I were to succeed because that would allow me to spend more time working on something I truly enjoy.

I am very excited about this but also completely terrified that it won't work. Webcomics are often an ingrateful task. I know. But still, I'm very wishful about it going well.

I hope you'll support me in this -thank you to those who've already sent me words of support on the matter! It means a lot and helps hush down the paralyzing inner voice of self-doubt.
Thank you for all your support so far. It's been a long journey and it's looking even more exciting ahead!

Be well!

posted by Rian' @ 05 Mar 2016   2 comments

This is a terribly long hiatus, I can only apologize

Nearly nine month long hiatus, that is a pretty terrible long time and all I can do is apologize having no excuse for it except life, other art projects and my lack of will when it comes to sticking to update schedules (deadlines are fine somehow).

Although I am not surprised by the drop in the number of "readers" I just wanted to leave a note to those who haven't left yet that I am not giving up on telling this story. But that is all I have at the moment and again, I can only apologize. I am thankful if you stick around some more and hopefully I'll have more to show and discuss soon.


posted by Rian' @ 01 May 2015   1 comments

Back to school hiatus


An official news entry in case you missed the 'artist's comment' on the last page.

I will go on a short hiatus in order to build some more buffer, as I will be going back to school next week. I do hope I'll manage to keep up with the updates afterwards, if not I may go back to one page every two weeks or so, but we'll see.

I've gained several new readers during the summer and I would like to thank you all for sticking by! It is heartwarming to think anyone enjoys reading Nickster, I know it has much room for improvement especially since when I first started working on it I had close to no knowledge of how to properly make comics or write a story (and I'm still figuring a lot of it out even now), but I hope you've enjoyed it so far and will like what's coming up!

Thank you for your support and all the little comments, I try to get back at most of them but if I haven't I hope you'll forgive me and it still makes my day everytime!

posted by Rian' @ 11 Sep 2014   0 comments

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